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Not For doesn't mean you are against!

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Thank You for stopping by. 

We are the first that we know of to be a registered and chartered Not For Denomination ministry in the United States. 

We believe that when Jesus said he broke down the middle wall of partition it was supposed to stay that way. The word denomination comes from the Latin root definition of division, separation and yes denomination.

We do not want to be a people who places our labels and name tags as divisional walls of separation by way of dogma, and religious standards made of men. Jesus created the perfect setting for the Church yet men continually keep trying to fix and repair what doesn't need repair. We are the ones in need of repair, or as the old song goes, It's me Lord standing in the need of prayer. 

Our ministry is here to help those obtain the tools necessary to build what they know they have been called to do. We assist with filing, and filling out proper forms in order for viable ministers and ministries to be able to function lawfully in their place of residence. We are to obey the rules and laws of the writtren word and of our land in order to maintain a peaceful presence and that we try to uphold through our organization. We have been in operation since 2001 beginning in Colorado and now in Louisiana. If you are seeking assistance and the understanding on how to get started with your God based ministry, then give us a call or e-mail us and we would love to help. Know this above all, we are continually in prayer for all of our brothers and sisters in the faith regardless of your denomination and name tags. We are one body formed to be His Bride, not a severed people striving about words with one another. 

God Bless,

Bro. Ken Pruiett

Check your baggage!!!

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Check Your Baggage!!!

In preparation for your vacation flight you prepare your luggage according to the rules set by the airport. You examine your check in bags 2 and 3 times to make sure that you didn’t accidently pack an item that would set off the security alarms. We all know how an accidental nail file can ruin a perfectly good flight.

In preparation for church.

Wait a minute, what do you mean preparation for church?


It’s Sunday morning already? Awe I don’t feel like going to church today. I just want to stay home, watch football, give the dog a bath, retie my shoes anything but go to church.

The kids are fighting, husband left his tooth brush with tooth paste on the counter and I have stuck my hand in it, again. While driving to church another driver accidently cut me off. It’s been a terrible week. The list goes on and on of things that have happened.

I arrived 15 minutes late to church, flustered and find it hard to get into the worship, the pastor is preaching but all I hear is yak, yak, yak… The alter call comes and I am annoyed that service has not ended yet.

Does this sound like a typical Sunday to you?

Check Your Baggage!!!

Don’t let an accidental nail file (life) keep you from your blessing that God wants to pour out on you. Check your baggage at the door before entering the house of God.

Sunday morning should be a wonderful time of worship and reverence to God.

So often we tend to put God on the back burner and an I HAVE to do, instead of an I GET to do. Everyday I wake up I am so blessed that God has given me another day to live for Him.

After examining my baggage I found several potential nail files that could have affected my final destination. I don’t know about you, but I have decided my final destination is Heaven and no nail file is worth missing the flight.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

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Don’t Worry Be Happy…

How many times have you heard this phrase? This is a very popular phrase to a lot of us, but most of the time a very unrealistic phrase, a contradictory phrase.

Don’t worry, Be Happy.

What does that really mean?.

WORRY implies an incessant goading or attacking that drives one to desperation, to disturb or irritate by persistent acts. Worry is a verb meaning you must take action to worry. Whey you allow yourself to worry about things you are telling God, I have it all under control, I don’t need you.

You get your self all riled up about something your blood pressure is off the cuff, you have no control. What if so n so thinks I’m not this or that? Did I say something that offended him or her? What if my outfit isn’t just right, what will they think? What if something happens to my children while they are out with their friends? These are all very real in our lives. The Bible says…

Mat 6:25

"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?


Mat 6:34

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.


Happy means to be satisfied; enjoying well-being and contentment; quite happy to let things go on as they are

When you are happy you are joyous you have no cares in this world. Nothing can bring you down. The word Happy is an adjective, the part of speech which can be thought of as a "describing word". An adjective modifies a noun in a similar way to a determiner. If I made the statement to you” I am very happy today”, you would know that I am joyous or excited about something.

Psa 68:3

But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.



Jam 5:13

Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise.

What does the saying mean Don’t Worry, Be Happy?

Don’t Worry: Give your problems to God, trust in Him fully

Be Happy: Be satisfied by the things of God.

A letter to my father~ No Regrets

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No Regrets

1985 you came into my life as my Father. Anyone can be Dad, but not everyone can be a Father. As a Father, you take on a role with No regrets. You guide a child to become a responsible adult.

You took a snot nosed, stubborn, hard headed little girl and made her a woman. You taught her to love everyone, stand up for what was right, and not to be afraid of the giant Elephants that would come into her life. You took on the role of her Father. When the kids would pick on her she would cry on your lap, you would simply tell her, “pray for them.” At the time this seemed like useless advice, however she never would have made it without that advice.

Being that little snot nosed, stubborn, hard headed little girl, I can honestly say, I have no regrets. The older I get the more of you I see in myself. The willingness to try all possibilities, never to give up on something until all resources are exhausted. To love even when I disagree with someone or something. God knows you and I have fallen into that category more then once in the last 24 years.

As you laid on the hospital bed the night before your open heart surgery you said to me; “you are so beautiful daughter.” You looked past my blood shot eyes, plump body and messed up hair and told me I was beautiful. We talked about business and how to conquer the bathtub world. Not once did you ever talk about your pain scale of 10. I saw my strong, stubborn, hard headed Father laying there with the determination to succeed that I have grown to love and respect. I remember leaving the hospital room with the determination that you have always showed me.

While you were in surgery I was having a long conversation with God. I told Him, “God I am going to get married some day and I need my Father there to walk me down the aisle. I’m going to have real “Grand Kids” for him some day. God his work here is not done, you can’t take my Father from me.”

Thank you for choosing to be my Father, not just a dad to me 24 years ago.

Who are you preparing for???

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Who are you preparing for???

Ring, Ring…


“Hi Carolyn, this is Eli Manning from the New York Giants and I’m coming to visit you tomorrow, is that ok with you?”

“Ok with me? My head is spinning faster then a top, I know how to say yes, but no words are forming. Finally I squeak out “YES, YES!!!” I hang up the phone and begin to run around the house in a panic. I open the fridge, nothing but hot dogs, not good enough for the Quarter Back of the New York Giants. I must go shopping. I scrape up all my pennies, nickels and any other form of money I can find and head out to the store. $10 per pound for steak, I really can’t afford it, oh well, it’s not everyday that Eli Manning visits my house. I call all my friends, “Guess what Eli Manning is coming over to my house tomorrow.” I am so excited, I toss and turn all night, not sleeping an ounce. 4 am I spring out of bed and begin to prepare for Eli Manning, the Quarter Back of The New York Giants. The table is set with the finest china, gourmet food and of course Eli’s picture for him to autograph for me. Today is going to be a perfect day.

Ring, Ring…


“Hi Carolyn, this Jesus how are you doing today?” I’m coming over to visit you tomorrow, is that ok with you?”

“Let me check my calendar. Oh I’m sorry I can’t do it tomorrow I have plans can you call me next week?”

“I really wanted to see you tomorrow but I understand. I’ll call you next week.”

Wow, why would Jesus being calling me to come over to visit? I have been attending church every Sunday.

One week later…

Ring, Ring…


“Hi Carolyn, this is Jesus how are you doing today?” I’m coming over to visit you tomorrow, this that ok?”

“Oh darn, I told you to call me this week. I’m sorry Jesus I have had a really bad week, can you visit me another time?”

“Sure Carolyn, I just wanted to tell you I love you and I’m missing you. I’ve missed our gourmet meals that we used to have. The time we used to laugh and cry together. I miss you Carolyn, but I understand you are a busy person.”

Is this ringing a bell to any of you? If it’s not it should be.

Day to day we are all very busy. Jesus calls us daily to feast with Him, however we are all to busy. We always have an excuse as to why we don’t have time for Him. But when our idol, yes I said idol, calls us we drop everything we are doing and begin to prepare for them to visit us. We bring out the best of the best, call all our friends to tell them the great news and we even spend money we don’t have.

How much more should we do for Jesus, The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords.

He is never to busy for us. He always has a full 5 course meal prepared, we never have to call ahead of time to ask His permission to come and visit. Yet we arrive at His house full of junk, we don’t tell our friends about Him and we pass up the offering plate.

I would like to encourage each of you as you go about your day to invite Jesus into your house. Prepare for Him like you would your idol. You will begin to see great things happen your life, things that no earthly person or your idol could ever do for you.


My Testimony

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My Testimony

God has truly blessed my life in so many ways. When I was just a young child God gave me many opportunities to witness to those around me. As I grew older I began to make my own decisions, decisions I was not old enough to make, but I made them. Those decisions lead me down a wide and unsettled path. Through various situations I would turn to God but never fully give my whole self to Him. I always held back bits and pieces, I would come up with every excuse in the book as to why I wasn’t going to give something to God.

Recently I have been praying . Not knowing what to expect, I knew I was searching and longing for something the world could not offer me. As I began to pray more and more God began to deal with me on several issues in my life. I fought it, and I fought it hard. Oh I had ups and I had downs. Oh that darn enemy he’s after me again, NO it’s not the enemy it was my own mind, my own will. So often we will blame the devil or the enemy for our problems as it is always easier to blame someone else and not look in the mirror. Bro. & Sis. I’m here today to tell you, it’s not just the enemy, it’s your own will. As the old Carolyn began to die and a new Carolyn came to life, I began to see that the things of this world were not all that pleasant, I found them rather repulsive. You mean to tell me God, that this is what I looked like and acted like. Yuk!!!

God is real and if you just die to your self there is no telling what God will do in your lives.

Life Roads

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Life Roads

It seems the last few months I have traveled down many roads. The road I travel down most is called life. Life is not always a paved road. Most often it is a dirt road with pot holes so large they will swallow you up.

As I cruise down the road of Life I have learned to accept the unexpected speed bump or pot hole, that it will only make me stronger. I made several turns onto what looked like smooth paved roads that dead ended at Sin Way.

My Will Blvd. took me on paths I was not prepared to face. Several Deer (Hang outs) jumped out in front me, hitting me head on and winding me up in great devastation. After complete devastation I turned down the bumpy, unpaved, road of Life. After being bumped around and tossed from side to side I saw False Doctrine Ln. This was a nice, smooth paved road with beautiful trees, lush green grass and flowers for miles. Oh I thought why didn’t I get to this Lane before, oh the road was wonderful. I could drive 120 mph, smell the fresh air, let my hair down. There were no speed limits (rules) to follow, no road blocks, just me and the paved road. I soon found myself getting too big for my britches. No limitations, nothing to stop me. After a while of driving 120 mph I began to miss Life Road, things were to perfect on False Doctrine Ln. It gave me an uneasy feeling, something was missing. There were several other people on False Doctrine Ln. but none of them appeared to be happy. Just flying down the road with no where to go.

Finally a fork in the road, I had to decided what road to get on, Sin Way or Heaven Place. Sin Way is paved, has several hang outs, food, and people for miles and miles. Heaven Place is a dirt road, a few run down buildings and a few cars putting down it. Oh what ever will I do?

Turning left onto Sin Way I quickly became consumed with all the things around me. The parties, the lies and the friends (or so I thought). All the places I had seen when I first turned onto Sin Way were rapidly fading. The hang outs were dull, the food was un edible and the people were only out for what was best for them. After a few black eyes and bruises I made a U-turn to head back to Life Road.

I found myself back at the fork in the road. Heaven Place or Life Road. This time, I decided to take Heaven Place, even though it didn’t seem all that appealing. After taking the first corner on Heaven Place I thought to myself, why didn’t I turn here earlier? The run down buildings were not run down at all. You could get a wonderful meal; the few people you talked with were so friendly and inviting. I soon forgot all about the cares of this world. I was able to cruise down Heaven Place in peace.

Before I knew it Heaven Place turned into the Life Road. But it was a different road. The pot holes didn’t seem so large anymore they no longer could swallow me up.

I have learned that Life Rd. is a wonderful road to travel, no matter how bumpy it may get or how many road blocks it may bring nothing is worth taking the detour.

A.L.M.S. Blog Spot

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Welcome to Apostolic Lighthouse Ministry Services (A.L.M.S.) Blog Spot!


We want to hear from our fellow laborers in Christ. This blog spot is a place for sharing your thoughts and views on current events and Bible topics. All we ask is that everyone posting keep it clean! We want to share on a constructive level in order to build up the Body of Christ.


Thank You for stopping by and may God Richly Bless!